WiebeTech Media Write Blocker

Hardware write blockers are key pieces of equipment for any forensic examiner when acquiring a forensic clone of any data.  This is true for analysis of memory cards and USB devices as well.

CRU Inc. offers another hardware write blocker to assist in the acquisition of data from memory cards and USB devices known as the WiebeTech Media WriteBlocker.  Similar to the WiebeTech Forensic Ultra Dock that was discussed previously, the Media WiebeTech Media WriteBlockerWriteBlocker provides a USB interface to a forensic workstation and allows the cloning of memory cards in various formats.

Although you could connect a memory card reader to the USB port on the Forensic Ultra Dock, having a dedicated write blocker for USB and memory cards has many advantages in my mind such as allowing multiple cloning operations (using Ultra Dock and Media Write Blocker).

The WiebeTech Media Write blocker supports Compact Flash, SD Cards, Memory Sticks, USB Thumb Drives, and USB Hard Drives via a USB Cable.

The WiebeTech Media Write Blocker sells for $199.00 and includes the write blocker, USB A to Micro-B USB Cable, and MicroSD card adapter.

More information on the CRU Inc. WiebeTech Media WriteBlocker can be found Here.