NirSoft – BlueScreenView v1.55

While attending Citrix Synergy 2017 last week the BlueScreenView tool from NirSoft was mentioned as a tool for troubleshooting desktops in a Citrix VDI environment.  Although this tool can be helpful for troubleshooting BSOD in both physical and virtual computers it also struck me as a good tool for incident response and digital forensics.

BlueScreenView is a free tool provided by NirSoft and is used to view the contents of the dump file generated when a BSOD occurs. Continue reading

CHM Files in Windows 7

The release of Microsoft Security Update 896358 prevented Windows 7 users from being able to open CHM Help files that are stored in network locations. To allow CHM files stored in network locations to be accessed from Windows 7 machines on the network the following registry change has to be made. Continue reading